Win more tenders - grow your revenue with less stress

If you’re writing a tender or proposal, Tender Writers is here to take the headache and heartache out of the preparation process.

Writing proposals and tenders can be challenging, arduous even. But it doesn’t always have to be that way.

Over 80% of the tenders we write result in our clients being awarded the contract or shortlisted for presentation.

We’ve written more than 700 tenders. If you rarely win tenders or if you don’t have enough in-house resources, using us as your tender writer or proposal writer gives you a much better opportunity for success.

We can make your submission stand out from the crowd

Grow your revenue with less stress

Work with us and you’ll find writing a proposal or tender much less stressful. With 18 years’ experience and more than 700 tenders behind us, we’ve seen every tender and proposal scenario there is, and know exactly how to make your submission stand out from the crowd.

Over 80% of the tenders we write result in our clients being awarded the contract or shortlisted for presentation.

We’ll take you through the whole process, helping you to determine your response strategy and key messages. You can be confident that your bid meets the all the exacting requirements of the RFT or RFP and presents your case in English that’s benefit-focused, compelling, and clear.

Tender Success

Each year our clients win millions of dollars in new business because we help them win tenders and proposals to listed and private companies, and government tenders too.


Located in Australia

Tender Writers is based in Sydney and works with clients right across Australia, New Zealand and throughout the world who are struggling to win tenders and proposals.


Tender Writing Experts

Tender writing and proposal writing is what we do best, with almost two decades experience and more than 700 successful tenders behind us, we help your tender to shine.


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