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Four steps

Your tenders and bids – four things your readers want to see

When you boil it all down, there are four key things assessors are looking for in your tender response. These are the key indicators that point to your company being the right one for the job. How you will deliver the service or product Your executive summary will already have stated your unambiguous understanding of … Read more

Colourful graphs

How to make your tender or proposal more attractive

When putting together a winning tender it’s easy to get so caught up in what you want to say that you forget that how you present your case is just as important in favourably impressing the assessment panel. Your tender or proposal could be one amongst hundreds, so making good use of images and graphics … Read more


The number one reason for tender rejection and how to avoid it happening to yours

Of the thousands of tenders submitted to all levels of Australian government each year, a shocking 60% fail to make the first cut. And the main reason? Non-conformance with specific tender requirements. Michael Lee, Principal Project Officer with the Queensland Government and Manager of the Industry Development Team can’t stress highly enough the need to … Read more

Success tools

Two important tools to win more tenders

It’s a new year and many SMEs will be thinking of ways to increase revenue and expand their operations. Winning a tender is undoubtedly a real business boost, and SMEs need to pay attention to two areas of their proposal if they want to be considered a serious contender. Your online presence If you haven’t … Read more


USPs will win you more contracts

A good response to an RFT will include all the relevant information requested in the exact format required. So far, so predictable. But it pays to remember that your bid isn’t Robinson Crusoe. In fact, it’s almost certainly just one amongst sometimes hundreds of others. That’s why tender panel assessors are always on the qui … Read more

Writing business documents

How to write great business proposals

Opportunities to submit proposals come in two ways: the first is a formal Request for Proposal; the second is an informal proposal, usually requested by a potential or a current client. Formal Request for Proposals are very like tenders; you’ll be competing against potentially countless other businesses, you’ll have to respond to very prescriptive questions … Read more

Shining lighthouse

Why an editor helps win more tenders

If you don’t begin with a clear strategy for a consistent tender response theme and tone, you may find yourself in unexpectedly deep water. Avoid your project developing into a last minute salvage operation by nominating an editorial team or editor to act as a lighthouse, shining a beam on what’s important and navigating a … Read more

Powerful case study

Boost your tender success with powerful case studies

Responding to the many questions asked by an RFP or RFT is often a lengthy and dry affair. So how can you bring your submission to life for the assessment panel? One sure fire way is to use case studies to support your claims. These informative short stories, when coupled with testimonials from happy clients, … Read more

Government tender

Tenders to Government – Where Do You Sit in the Chain Gang?

OK, you’ve decided to tender for a government contract. But before you begin, do you know exactly where your business sits in the supply chain? In simple terms, a supply chain comprises all parties who either directly or indirectly fulfill a customer’s request. Governments at all levels are always keen to bring into their list … Read more