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Top recommendations for Tender success

You’ve probably heard Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity: “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” If you ever have to write tenders, bids or proposals, you’ll know these words are particularly apt; it’s extremely frustrating to submit one after another without success. One of the reasons for lack of success is … Read more

How to write a tender

How to write a tender

When you think about it, writing a tender is potentially the most important thing you can do for your commercial undertaking. Win that contract, and the resulting new business could change your whole working landscape. But before you rush off to put pen to paper, understand that it’s not just about what you’re going to … Read more

Government tender

The two most important things to do to win that government tender

When you decide it’s time for your business to go up in the world by winning a government contract, it’s essential you recognise that the government tender process works as a well-oiled machine. And, like any efficient system, it operates effectively because it has very specific requirements, automatically rejecting anything that doesn’t fit the template. … Read more

Trends in tendering

Trends in tendering: is anything new?

Having recently been asked by a listed company to talk to its bid team about trends in tendering, I got to thinking about what’s changed in the 20 years I’ve been involved in tenders, proposals and bids. The basics haven’t changed. Tenders and proposals are still tiresome and time consuming. And for many, they are … Read more

Preparing a tender

Commitment phobic? Then tenders are not for you.

When you hear of a tender that may just be the one you need to win to catapult your business to stratospheric levels of success, take care you don’t suffer from a sudden rush of blood to the head, plunging headlong into the bid process without thinking it through. Putting together a submission is a … Read more

Tender opportunities

Find tender opportunities for free

You don’t have to pay a subscription to a tender finding organisation to source tender opportunities. You can do it yourself for free. Federal, state and local government tendering websites make it easy. You simply register your company and its areas of interest. Rather like a dating website (but without the dodgy photos) you quickly … Read more

Create a Bid Management Team for Tender Success

Any business serious about putting in the best tender bid they possibly can needs to look closely at their bid management strategy.  All too often it’s left to just one individual to bring the whole thing together, assuming they don’t succumb to exhaustion prior to submission. Smart businesses, on the other hand, improve the quality … Read more

Tender writing hand

What everyone forgets about writing tenders

Whatever is happening in the economy, there’s never a shortage of Requests for Tenders being issued. In the last financial year, for example, we’ve worked on many, many tenders for clients tendering to major global businesses, federal government departments and listed companies. And we’ve been involved in editing and proofreading major multi-million dollar tenders, mostly to government for large scale … Read more

good design

How good design makes your pitches, tenders and proposals more effective

While your tender or proposal may not win due to great design, poor design will definitely hinder its success. Feedback from the NSW Government has told us such. Make it simple Our eyes and brain respond best to information displayed in a left-to-right-then-down pattern, reflecting how we normally read. Placing information on a diagonal or … Read more