Winning executive summary

How to write executive summaries that win tenders

For any tender writer or proposal writer, writing an executive summary is an absolutely crucial part of the success process. Many moons ago when I first started writing tenders, I was taught to write the executive summary last. But as my experience developed, I found it easier to write a draft executive summary first, before … Read more

Expert stamp

Why invest in a professional tender writer? 

The two factors that most deter a business from putting together a tender are lack of time and lack of resources. Responding to a request for tender is a big ask and almost always means additional input by team members already working at full capacity. But if it’s a plum contract that would really make … Read more

Four steps

4 things to include when you’re writing tenders or proposals

When you boil it all down, there are four key things assessors are looking for in your tender response or your proposal. These are the key indicators that point to your company being the right one for the job. How you will deliver the service or product Your executive summary will already have stated your … Read more

executive summary

The dos and don’ts for a winning executive summary

Go easy on the length Don’t make it too long. One to two pages is generally sufficient, unless it’s a particularly big proposal or tender. Stick rigidly to any stated word or character count limits or you won’t make the first cut. Ditch the jargon Don’t make the mistake of thinking that using heaps of … Read more

Executive summary

Why is an executive summary a big deal?

No matter how much time and effort it takes to construct a business proposal or tender, its most valuable component is the executive summary. Get that right, and your efforts will really stand out from the crowd. What’s its purpose? The executive summary is all about grabbing the reader’s attention from the get go. Recall … Read more