2020 win rate

How to improve your tender win rate in 2020

Putting together a tender, bid or proposal is hard work. There is inevitably a lot of information to include and brain power to expend. After all that effort, many companies want to know how they are doing; in particular, how their win rate stacks up against their competitors. However, this is not a worthwhile metric … Read more

Speech Bubbles

Tender writing – it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it

When you realise how much time and resources it’s going to take you to put together a tender response, it can be tempting to go at it like a bull at a gate just to get the whole thing done. But if you’re really serious about winning, that approach simply won’t do. It’s as much … Read more

Keyboard question marks

Asking tender questions

There’s no denying that a set of freshly released tender documents can be a bit intimidating. No doubt, by the time you’ve read the entire Request for Tender (RFT) you’ll have plenty of questions. So, what’s the best way to go about finding some answers? It pays to remember that the prospective client really does … Read more

Ticks on document

Get the good oil on government tenders

Government tenders, whilst often demanding to put together, are excellent feathers for your business to sport in its cap. Tenders are issued regularly by the government for all sorts of services across a wide range of industries, so make sure you know where to look for what’s currently available. The first thing to do is … Read more


Why is trust so important in winning tenders?

Unless the relationship has broken down, the incumbent will usually have the advantage when an organisation is tendering for work. Quite simply, they know what they’re getting, and can be reluctant to rock the boat with change. As a result, the onus is on you, the tenderer, to prove your credentials and show that you … Read more

Top 10 list

How to Win More Tenders

One of the most worrying statistics for any company submitting tenders is how few are successful: research in the US and the UK shows only 47% of tenders win. That’s a lot of time and effort for no reward. It’s also concerning that 25% of organisations issuing requests for tenders and proposals never make a … Read more

Man running

Ready, Steady, Go Tender…How To Be Tender Ready

Putting together a tender requires an investment of resources and time – almost certainly far more than you’ve anticipated. However, you can make life easier for yourself and your team by undertaking three activities in advance. And, because you’ve done some basic groundwork, once the contract you want to bid for is released, you’ll be … Read more

Man facing a dilemma

Have you ever made this mistake in your tenders, bids or proposals? 

Even if you’re the incumbent, it’s dangerous to assume that the tender process is just a formality and that your contract will automatically be renewed. There’ll certainly be other suppliers tendering for the work. And if they present a more competitive, articulate offer…well, then it could be red faces all round.  Rather than make the … Read more

procurement files

Tenders: what is procurement looking for?

Whether you’re bidding for a contract from a large company or government agency, your tender will go through the procurement team first. This means you need your tender to demonstrate that: You know what you’re doing – The procurement team doesn’t want to take a chance when bringing in a new supplier. They don’t want … Read more

How to write a business proposal

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