Tender writer

What to do when your client puts your services out to tender

Of the thousands of tenders submitted to all levels of Australian government each year, a shocking 60% fail to make the first cut. And the main reason? Non-conformance with specific tender requirements. Michael Lee, Principal Project Officer with the Queensland Government and Manager of the Industry Development Team can’t stress highly enough the need to … Read more

Success tools

Two important tools for winning more tenders

SMEs are always thinking of ways to increase revenue and expand their operations. Winning a tender is undoubtedly a real business boost, and SMEs need to pay attention to two areas of their proposal if they want to be considered a serious contender. Your online presence If you haven’t got a professionally created website, it’s … Read more


Writing tenders and proposals – do yours give the right message?

Research published in the McKinsey Quarterly indicates that businesses can be way off the mark when it comes to delivering a message they think their customers want to hear. While McKinsey’s findings relate to brand messages more generally, the findings also apply to the selling messages companies use to position themselves ahead of competitors when … Read more