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How to make your tender or proposal more attractive

When putting together a winning tender it’s easy to get so caught up in what you want to say that you forget that how you present your case is just as important in favourably impressing the assessment panel. Your tender or proposal could be one amongst hundreds, so making good use of images and graphics … Read more


USPs will win you more tenders and proposals

A good response to an RFT will include all the relevant information requested in the exact format required. So far, so predictable. But it pays to remember that your bid isn’t Robinson Crusoe. In fact, it’s almost certainly just one amongst sometimes hundreds of others. That’s why tender panel assessors are always on the qui … Read more

Create a Bid Management Team for Tender Success

Any business serious about putting in the best tender bid they possibly can needs to look closely at their bid management strategy.  All too often it’s left to just one individual to bring the whole thing together, assuming they don’t succumb to exhaustion prior to submission. Smart businesses, on the other hand, improve the quality … Read more

good design

How good design makes your pitches, tenders and proposals more effective

While your tender or proposal may not win due to great design, poor design will definitely hinder its success. Feedback from the NSW Government has told us such. Make it simple Our eyes and brain respond best to information displayed in a left-to-right-then-down pattern, reflecting how we normally read. Placing information on a diagonal or … Read more