Supremely polished tenders

We’re expert tender writers, but more than that, we’re expert editors and proofreaders, too. Companies such as Qantas, Lendlease, Brambles and government agencies call on our help for their editing and proofreading.

What can we do to help?

We want you to win your tenders. We’ll do all we can to help you succeed. We’ll be happy to review your draft tenders, give you sound advice or purely proofread the final draft.

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  • What's a tender review?

    A tender review is an independent review of your draft tender, completed before you submit it.
    A tender review completed by an expert tender writer will ensure your tender:
    • Is compliant and meets all of the tender requirements
    • Answers every question fully
    • Clearly conveys your offer and expertise
    • Is presented in a way that is professional and easy to read and evaluate
    • Is free or typos and inconsistencies.
    A tender review can turn a losing tender into a winning one.
    A tender review can also be an ‘audit’ of 3-5 of your most recent tenders or proposals, which we do in order to give clients guidance on how to improve their future tenders or proposals.

  • Will using an expert tender writer to complete a tender review increase my chances of winning tenders?

    When you work with an experienced tender writer, you’ll achieve a much better quality submission, ensuring your tender has the best possible chance of winning. That’s because tender writers are expert at reviewing draft tenders.
    Tender writers are not just writing tenders; they edit information provided by clients for inclusion tenders and they edit and proofread draft tenders to make sure that the tender has the same ‘voice’ or style and tone throughout.
    Therefore, when a tender writer is reviewing your tenders, they know exactly what’s required to give your tender the best possible opportunity for success.
    A tender review completed by an expert will ensure your tender is compliant, answers all questions fully, clearly presents your offer, and read well.

  • How can a Tender Writers tender review service help me win tenders?

    Tender writing is daunting, and there’s no guarantee of a successful result.
    However, Tender Writers can guarantee that having our experienced tender team review, edit and proofread a tender you have written will significantly improve the quality of your tender, which will improve your chances of winning.
    We’re expert tender writers and reviewers, but more than that, we’re expert editors and proofreaders, too.

  • What's covered in a Tender Writers tender review?

    Tender Writers’ comprehensive tender review service includes reviewing, providing feedback, editing and proofreading tenders you have written to make sure your tender has the best possible chance of success.
    We’ll review your draft tender and cross-check it against the Request for Tender or Proposal. We’ll make sure that it addresses all the questions clearly, that your value proposition is loud and clear and that your tender is compliant. We’ll give you feedback. We’ll edit and proofread your tender, too, to ensure your content and your business is presented professionally.
    Your final tender will be supremely polished, accurate, compliant, and you’ll be proud to know that it’s the best it can be.

  • How does Tender Writers guarantee the confidentiality of the information I provide?

    Tender Writers considers the confidentiality and security of the information you provide us to be of the utmost importance.
    We’re mindful of the sensitive nature of the information required to support tender writing and tender reviews, and we enter into Non-Disclosure Agreements to ensure your business information remains private.
    Tender Writers stores all documents supplied by you on a secure server, with access restricted to your tender reviewer and our senior proofreader.
    We’ve been tender writing for more than 20 years. And we’re written more than a thousand tenders for hundreds of companies, including many government tenders, and never breached confidentiality.
    We’re certified to ISO9001: Quality Management. You can be sure that we know what we are doing and that we do it well.

  • Can a Tender Writers tender review help make my tender look professional?

    Absolutely. Our tender review will ensure your information is presented clearly, and attractively, so it’s appealing and easy to read.
    Our tender reviewer suggests engaging formats to present your information, such as infographics, images and charts (tender template permitting).

  • How much does it cost to use Tender Writers for tender reviews?

    Tender Writers’ tender review services are charged at a competitive hourly rate.
    The cost of reviewing a tender you’ve written is based on two factors:
    • The complexity of the request for tender, which we need to read before we review your tender. That way, we can be sure that you are addressing the tender evaluation criteria.
    • The number of pages of your draft tender submission.
    Therefore, to provide you with a fee proposal, Tender Writers will need to see the RFT or RFP and your draft tender.
    When you invest in Tender Writers’ services, you’ll be supported by expert tender reviewers with a highly-specialised skill set and tender management processes honed through two decades of helping businesses win contracts with large companies and the government.
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  • What's a tender audit?

    Different to a tender review, a tender audit is an independent review of your recent and past tenders and proposals to help improve the quality of your future tenders by providing you with advice on how to improve your tender writing and content.
    Completed by an expert, tender audits are a quick and cost-effective way to improve your future tenders’ quality – and your likelihood of success.
    Tender Writers’ tender audits involve us reviewing 3-5 of your most recent tenders or proposals to give you easy to follow examples of how to write a better tender next time. Our ‘before’ and ‘after’ examples will make a difference to your next tender.
    Our tender audit service is a fixed fee service.
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