Who Do Our Clients Tender To?

Our clients tender to a wide range of organisations. We’ve written over 700 tenders, helping our clients to win millions of dollars in new and renewed business – 80% of the tenders we write are shortlisted or immediately win the contract, even if our client is not the incumbent. Among the hundreds of organisations to which we write tenders are:

Commonwealth Government: Defence, Veterans Affairs, Immigration and Border Protection, Education, Infrastructure and Transport, ATO, Building and Construction Commission, Specialist Disability Services, Industry, Justice, NDIS.

State Government: NSW Premier & Cabinet, Transport for NSW, NSW Treasury, NSW Land & Housing, NSW Families and Communities, NSW Health, Victoria Health, Ambulance Victoria, NSW SES, Victoria School Building Authority, icare, Safework NSW, NSW Department of Education, NSW Police, NSW Department of Justice, NSW Department of Industry, NSW Tourist Commission.

Local government: City of Sydney, Randwick, Canada Bay, Lane Cove, Strathfield, Launceston, Melton, Fairfield, Auckland.

Listed companies: Rio Tinto, IAL, Qantas, Woolworths, Westpac, CommBank, BHP, Metcash, Thomson Reuters.

Corporates: Aurecon, PwC, Newland Chase, Allens Linklaters, Herbert Smith Freehills, Hunt & Hunt, Crowe Howath, McCabes, CI Australia, Nakama, Canon Australia.



Tenant Leasing Group logo

“As a small business, drawing on the external expertise of writers with proven experience has been a commercial benefit. We have had some great success with our tender submissions by using Proof Communications”

Phil Reichelt, Managing Director, Tenant Leasing Group

Tenant Leasing Group works with Proof Communications when the company and its clients have to submit expressions of interest and tenders the property sector. As a result, Tenant Leasing Group and its clients have successfully won tenders at hospitals, universities and commercial office buildings.

“As a Managing Director of a fast-paced business, I need to know that I can outsource work for timely delivery. It also has to meet my expectations for high quality documentation. Proof Communications is responsive, able to expand on a limited brief and consistently presents expertly crafted documents that support Tenant Leasing Group’s market reputation,” says Phil.

“I have found both Rosemary and Glynis to be highly professional in their written representation of Tenant Leasing Group. They undertake a direct and in-depth approach to understanding my business to clearly communicate our offering when writing tender and proposal submissions.”

Proof Communications conducts market and sector research to understand tender specifics and has demonstrated strength in addressing selection criteria across all types of tenders – government, listed companies and private businesses. This breadth of industry experience leads to successful outcomes for clients when securing business and contracts for service.

“When you are pitching for business in a competitive field like property, you cannot take good quality work for granted,” explains Phil.

“Partnering with professional writing expertise with proven results is worth the investment.”

For more about Tenant Leasing Group, go to http://tl-group.com.au/

Corporate catering by Mr Cappacino

“Sue took the time to get to know our business. She was able to grasp what we do and tell our story really well.”

Bruce Ong,  Director, MR CAPPUCINO

Mr Cappuccino is a café and catering business based in the ACT.


  • Tendering to government agencies
  • Convincing the procurement panel to choose company.

Our approach

Proof Communications took the time to get to know the business and its different arms – catering, a commercial kitchen, expresso bars, cafe and a barber’s – so that we could tell Mr Cappuccino’s story in a government tender as effectively as possible.


Mr Cappuccino won the tender to the Department of Human Services!

Winning new government contracts is great for business and no mean feat to achieve. Director Bruce Ong says: “Government tenders are very lengthy, structured and each one is completely different.

“The hardest thing is telling a story to a procurement panel that has no idea about your industry or business.”

On working with Proof Communications, Bruce says, “Sue took the time to get to know our business. She was able to grasp what we do and tell our story really well.”

 “It’s been an easy decision to continue to work with Proof,” he says.


“We recognised very early on that Rosemary and her team have the same attitude to their customers as we do to ours. We know Proof Communications has everything covered, every time”

Thomas Staunton, Executive Director, SOLDOUT EVENTS

Sold Out Event Management is an experienced, full service, award-winning agency that creates successful events in Australia and offshore.


  • Win new business in highly competitive industry
  • Limited time to put together tender and award submissions.

Our approach

Proof Communications has supported Sold Out Events for the last three years in their tender and award submissions. We write the content for them, providing clarity and focus in their business development materials, so the team can focus on their events.


Sold Out Events won the prestigious 2018 Commonwealth Games contract!

Executive Director Thomas Staunton says, “Proof Communications supported us throughout the whole tender process for a massive range of event services. Winning that contract was an absolutely critical tipping point for us.

“Without it, we wouldn’t have been able to secure our partnership and sponsorship of the Games as the official event management company. The implications for Sold Out Events are monumental because it’s solidified our presence on a global scale; it’s the official stamp of approval that confirms we are who we say we are.”

Thomas is fulsome in his praise of the Proof Communications’ team. “Working with Rosemary and Sally is just amazing. The entire process is so easy, so well-structured, so well-approached.

“It’s all very simple: we provide the RFT or award guidelines and they develop all the content for us, letting us know very clearly exactly what input we need to provide at every stage.

“Proof Communications delivers a complete turnkey solution in a way that’s friendly, approachable and extremely professional. We wouldn’t dream of entrusting our award entries or tenders to anyone else; they’re far too important to us to even consider it.”

“I went from feeling isolated in the tendering process to having incredible structure and support with Proof Communications.”

Julie Stow, General Manager, UNIFIED CARE

Unified Care is a fast-growing national provider of casual nursing and care staff.


  • Need expert help writing tenders

Our approach

Proof Communications supported Unified Care with multiple tender responses. We also detailed the organisation’s vision, environmental and WHS policies so they had content ready to respond to new tender opportunities.


After engaging Proof Communications, General Manager Julie Stow felt supported through the tender writing and submission process.

“I used to feel like I was floating through the tendering process not knowing what I was doing. With Rosemary as a partner, I’m no longer on my own. I have someone I can lean on and bounce ideas off.”

Unified Care has chosen to work with Proof on several tenders because they see the value of an ongoing relationship.

Julie says, “I’m proficient at content writing, but that isn’t enough when it comes to tender writing. I don’t know what angle to take or what language the tender procurement team are looking for.”

In addition to advising Unified Care on how to present their offer, Proof has created several essential company documents that have proved to be an invaluable resource.

“We didn’t have professional documents that explained our vision or our environmental or WHS policies. Thanks to Proof we now have these documents, and they give us a consistent voice across every tender.”

 “Rosemary has gained such an in-depth knowledge of our business that she understands our points of difference and what we’re trying to achieve,” says Julie. “She’s personable, professional and easy to work with. We’re glad we found her.”

“Proof Communications’ focus on understanding and selling our strengths and attributes has helped me realise why we’re better than a lot of our competitors.”

Damo Pryer, GM / Global Sales, EIGHTH DAY SOUND

Eighth Day Sound is a global provider of state-of-the-art sound reinforcement solutions along with unparalleled service for rental, sales and installation.


  • Win tenders to grow business and market share
  • Lack of experience in tendering
  • Lack of in-house marketing resources

Our approach

Proof Communications worked with Eighth Day Sound to understand and sell the company’s strengths and differentiate it from its competitors in its tender responses.


Proof Communications has helped Eighth Day Sound win several government tenders for large and prestigious events and venues.

General Manager, Damo Pryer, says: “Our industry is competitive, and it’s a relatively level playing field. When it comes to government tenders, the best tender wins the work.

“I think this is why we were successful. Proof Communications has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to writing tenders and getting a document into great shape. Drawing on this knowledge has been a massive help. Their focus on understanding and selling our strengths and attributes has helped me realise why we’re better than a lot of our competitors.”

Damo praises Proof Communications’ ability to answer the questions properly, with the right amount of detail, while maintaining the integrity of the Eighth Day Sound voice and brand.

“They are great at articulating what I’m trying to say, and structuring information in a way that gets our message across.

“We’re a small company, and we don’t do any marketing. Proof Communications has really helped grow our business. I’m sure these winning tenders will benefit us in the future, and we can draw upon this experience in the next tender.”

“Proof Communications added value because Rosemary understood the whole process. We were unsure how to address the criteria, and she made it so much easier. I don’t think we could have done it without her.”

Daniela Ornowski, ADDS Office Manager

All Day Delivery Service (ADDS) was already a well-established, medium-sized transport company with 17 years’ experience servicing the Sydney metro area when it was first asked to tender to retain existing business.


  • Required to tender to retain existing business
  • No prior experience of tendering

Our approach

Proof Communications met with the client face-to-face to discuss the opportunity before providing a quote. We guided the client through the tender process and crafted a response that focused on what the client was looking for: value for money and innovative solutions.


With Proof Communications’ support, ADDS won the tender and retained a valued client they had worked with for 10 years.

Throughout the entire process, Daniela Ornowski, ADDS Office Manager, found Proof Communications to be professional, knowledgeable, and prompt.

“Rosemary understood that timelines were critical and kept us all on top of deadlines. She added value because she understood the whole process. We were unsure how to address the criteria, and Rosemary made it so much easier. I don’t think we could have done it without her.

“Rosemary also gave us strategies to help us better understand our business – things we were doing well, things we could improve upon – and how to market ourselves and sell our strengths.”

Transition Consultants

“It’s the collaborative way Proof Communications approaches tender writing that I enjoy the most.”

Louise Hughes, Director, TRANSITION

TRANSITION is a Sydney-based relocation consultancy.


  • Win new contracts through tenders
  • Differentiate TRANSITION from its competitors

Our approach

Proof Communications collaborated with TRANSITION Director Louise Hughes to understand her company’s point of difference and clearly articulate it in her tender response.


“The evaluator told us there was nothing to critique about the tender response, that it was perfect,” recalls Louise.

“I had been writing tenders myself for many years, but I reached the point where I realised that I wasn’t getting over the line. I needed a professional to help me articulate my expertise in a way that would make my business stand out.”

“As an experienced relocation planning specialist and leader in her industry, Louise has a strong sense of what her business has to offer. “Proof Communications has an easy ability to take my ideas and move them up the next level,” Louise says.

“I love Proof’s collaborative approach. It’s not like handing something over and hoping they’ll get it right. I know what I want to say and how to answer the questions, but I don’t know how best to word them. Proof drives the process, combining their expertise and my knowledge in the best way possible. It’s true collaboration.”


Yes! When you have professional, expert help, writing a tender or proposal is much less demanding and far less time consuming. Our clients often feel they don’t have the right experience, or enough time, to successfully write their response when a tender or proposal opportunity arises – and mostly, they’re right!

That’s why when you use Tender Writers, you gain a professionally written bid that presents your business in the best possible light.


Our years of tender management expertise and our ability to write compelling tenders and proposals mean you’ll find the process less stressful too.

Plus, you’ll save time. By outsourcing to us, you’ll relieve yourself of the tender or proposal writing burden – so you can follow up other opportunities, or focus on your core business!

I wanted to send a little note on behalf of our entire team and extend the most sincere and heartfelt THANK YOU for all of your hard work, tireless efforts and impressive results over the past few days creating, conceptualising, interpreting and wording up a powerful tender response in 5 days!!  

Obviously, we could not have done it without you both and we are both grateful and very excited for the opportunity of working with you closely more - such an incredibly talented and well versed team. 
CEO, Global event management company

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